4 Winter Landscaping Tips To Try

Curb Design Winter Landscaping Tips - Evergreens
Date: September 15th, 2017
By: Chris Chu

Landscaping can be an incredibly difficult task to handle during winter. Plants are resting, their colors dull and fade, and all that’s left is snow. However, with the correct amount of planning during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, you can create a gorgeous landscaping that stands out in the bleak whiteness of winter. Here are some winter landscaping tips you can use to get the most out of your yard during the winter season.

1. Consider Evergreens

Curb Design Winter Landscaping Tips - Evergreens

Evergreens are great for winter landscapes due to their range of colors and their adaptability in any good design. Evergreens come in green, yellow, blues, and all sorts of other colors in between. While they work well for the entire year, they are important for a winter landscape. Mix up one or two evergreens into your landscape and work a nice border around it to really draw eyes to it. Curb Design can help you with this plant work.

2. Utilize Bark

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Deciduous trees will lose their leaves in wintertime, there is no avoiding that. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Let your branches and trunks be the focus for your landscape. If you have interesting ornamental trees that have a visually enticing or distinctive bark, it can add to your landscape’s overall atmosphere. Lots of these trees or shrubs are smaller, which means they can fit for more winter landscapes. Dogwoods and birch trees are great for texture and color in the winter seasons.

3. Get Fruity With Berries

Curb Design Winter Landscaping Tips - Berries

Lots of shrubs have berries that will stick around during the fall and winter seasons, which can provide food for birds in the winter. They can add a very colorful element to your yard without being too obvious, and it contributes to the entire landscape ecosystem that you have in your home.

4. Integrate More Hardscape

Curb Design Winter Landscaping Tips - Hardscape

Winter is an amazing time to really assess your landscape and establish what you can do to improve their focal points. Plants doesn’t have to be your only solution to creating a winter wonderland. Consider looking at hardscape to bring out all of the different elements in your yard. Benches, a trellis, walkways, even garden sculptures can be essential parts of your yard. Take time to criticially look at what you can do to improve your yard during the upcoming winter seasons.