landscaping & lawn care

What is landscaping?

Landscaping refers to planning and installing different enhancement features to your yard or business property. There are two types of landscaping – hardscapes and softscapes.

Hardscapes, aka hard landscaping, refers to the materials to build a structural skeleton for your landscaping plan. It includes the use of hard materials, like natural stone, rocks, concrete, and masonry.

Softscapes is where the greenery comes in. It involves fleshing out the plan with plants and cover materials. Softscapes soften the structures to give a personality and a personalized look that fits your home or business character.

What is lawn care?

Most homeowners are familiar with the term home lawn care. Your lawn is the grassy area that is watered, mowed and edged. Lawns are topped with soil, and then fertilized, and monitored for pests and weeds. Some people prefer to have a clean-lined lawn area, with no landscaping or vegetation to surround the lawn.

Why should I landscape?

For those purists who think to add extra landscape features creates more work and expense, here are some reasons to consider landscaping:

  • It increases your home/commercial building sale or rental value. Polls show that it raises home sales by about 10%.
  • It contributes to the total image of a community, blending with other homes or businesses to raise and maintain property values.
  • It can lower air conditioning costs by about 40% by providing shade in the increasingly hotter summers.
  • Spaces for relaxation and reconnection can be part of the landscape design. In fact, it has been proven to help lower stress. Furthermore, a landscaped yard means you will enjoy your property more.
  • A well-completed plan gives owners a sense of accomplishment and pride of ownership.
  • Good landscaping can soften the overall look of blocky or stark buildings and provide inviting curb appeal and channel people through desired pathways.
  • Landscaping is good for the environment. Extra trees and shrubs purify the air, soil, and water tables.

Landscape ideas don’t need to be messy or expensive. Plans can be adapted for those who like the clean lines for grass maintenance. Xeriscaping is an option for people who want less maintenance while still having a great-looking yard.

A professional landscape company will work with businesses to improve building landscapes to draw more business. Homeowners can also work with landscaping professionals to phase in several landscaping ideas over time.

If you want to get started on your next landscaping project in the Calgary area, reach out to Curb Design today.