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In addition to the obvious boost to curb appeal, a well landscaped property has several other benefits. Those include increased property value and setting the right first impression. If you have been wondering where to start with your landscaping, the first step begins with really assessing your property and your goals.

Step Into Your Landscaping Project

Landscaping is more than just putting plants from the nursery into the ground. A little planning can ensure your plants will do well where you put them. There is nothing wrong with jumping in and putting some work into your project. It helps the space become something you are proud of and will enjoy.

But if you compare the yards where a professional landscaper has helped in the process, you will see where their expertise has aided in picture-perfect results. A landscape designer will know what is needed to construct spaces. They will also suggest different products to use and recommend where plants are placed to ensure their successful growth. With so many plants to choose from, the help of a professional landscaping company will ensure your project is successful.

It's All In The Plan

Any landscaper and master gardener will tell you a beautiful exterior landscape begins with proper planning. It starts by gathering information about the area you intend to develop. It can be helpful to do a drawing of the size and shape of your lot. Then add dimensions of what structures are on it. Note which direction each side of the building faces and even the height of the building, because different plants need different amounts of sun or shade to grow. The height of the building can affect plants by the way wind reacts around it and cast a shadow on flower beds.

Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Various types of garden styles set a mood for your garden. There are formal gardens, cottage gardens, or Japanese gardens, just to name a few. If you have some time, check out the word ‘garden’ under Wikipedia and it gives pictures of all the different types of gardens.

This part of the process should be fun. You might take a tour of local gardens, some of these are offered by local garden clubs in the summer. Take a Sunday drive or walk, to view what other people have in their yards. There are plenty of magazines, TV shows, and garden shows that highlight landscaping ideas. There are so many sources for landscaping ideas that you can tap into. By retaining a professional landscaper, they can help you narrow down your choices and give you an estimate to its cost.

Getting Your Property Ready

Prepping your yard for the plan you decide on is essential. Whether it is recreating your current garden space or defining a new one for an empty lot, you want to place your plantings around permanent structures and have the right kind of soil to grow your plants. Here is where you would put in sidewalks, decks, water features, edging, and garden beds. If you skip this step, it may cost you more money, because the drainage may be wrong, or the material used breaks down, or the beds are in the wrong place.

There are many materials you can choose from. There are different styles of garden blocks, materials for decks, and ways of enhancing concrete that can work together to give you beautiful bones to the garden style you choose. Many people are using xeriscaping to save water and maintenance. A professional can also help narrow down these choices and suggest what structural materials work together for best results. They have the equipment or contacts needed to construct the features that are important to you.

The Nitty-Gritty

You finally reach the point where those beautiful plants can go in. Check which need the sun or different types of soil, and you will know where best to plant them. By choosing one of the many types of mulch available, you can keep weeds down and stop moisture from evaporating too quickly.

Finally, It’s Time To Enjoy

After all the hard work and waiting for the various stages completion, you can enjoy the final result. Pull up a chair in your backyard retreat or take that perfect photo to showcase the hard work that went into making your property standout.