Dazzling landscape in Auburn Bay, Calgary. Custom firepit.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should landscape your property and some of the advantages that come along with it.

Landscaping adds tangible benefits to any property. I like to compare it to the clothes that we wear. It tells a little about the owners, or business behind the landscaped plot. It is what realtors call curb appeal. The landscapes shouldn’t overwhelm the buildings but enhance them, just like a well-groomed person catches your eye. Putting a little money into a building’s exterior and maintaining it will make the most of the money you put into it.

Clients get their first impressions from a commercial or industrial building’s exterior, so what kind of message are you sending?

If you own an industrial complex, development permits often require landscaping that improves community views and contain the materials being used on site. Businesses are trending to include a minimal ecological footprint for their building sites and work the design into the surrounding environment. A professional landscaper can give advice on what is needed to achieve that final goal.

Increase Your Property Value

Realtors confirm that a little tender care on any property can boost the sale price significantly. There are other savings to be had as well. Did you know that placement of shade trees and bushes can reduce your energy bills and save you from having to shovel more snow? It’s true, but you have to know the ins and outs of your property to correctly place plants for maximum effect.

Another reason to landscape is to create your own little getaway to wind down or provide your employees and clients with a pleasant outdoor break/rest area. Some businesses are even developing indoor atriums for this purpose. Landscaping plans can create areas for family play, entertaining, or quiet meditation. Health experts agree that getting out into a natural space has many physical and mental benefits.