Vertical Gardening Is Still Cool (And You Should Try It)

Vertical Gardens For Your Landscape
Date: October 13th, 2017
By: Chris Chu

Vertical Gardens For Your LandscapeVertical gardening is an amazing landscaping element to incorporate into your yard, but it’s also one that is heavily underused. There are many advantages and benefits to vertical gardening that you might not know of. Why not try it out on your yard?

Maximize Space

One of the great benefits of vertical gardening is that it’s an easy way of adding some green to limited space. This is usually the case for urban homes where space can be difficult to come by. This doesn’t mean homeowners in places like Calgary can’t use it too though!

You can create a vertical garden on the wall of your home or on elements that have a vertical face, such as pergolas, sheds, etc. Without having to tear down your current landscape, you can incorporate more color and liveliness to your yard!

Disguise Unwanted Elements

A vertical garden can hide or disguise unwanted elements in your yard. Unattractive garden structures that you’d rather keep hidden can be covered with a vertical garden, seamlessly integrating it into your yard instead of having it stick out like a sore thumb.

Healthier Plants

The higher off the ground plants get, the better air circulation will be. By having a vertical garden, you can ensure healthier plants and fewer pests and diseases to your yard. You can also minimize potential damage to your yard because animals or pets won’t be able to reach it as easily.

Enhance Visual Appeal

A vertical garden can visually enhance the beauty of your garden and yard. They increase the curb appeal of your property by adding variety, structure, color, and a lot of character. Planting vertical garden structures at eye level is great as it’s easier for visitors to identify and distinguish. Hanging baskets or window boxes are especially useful for this.