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Custom Retaining Walls

If your landscape has been experiencing an erosion problem, then a well-crafted retaining wall design can help solve the problem is an aesthetically pleasing way. Retaining walls, no matter the material type can stabilize a slope and protect your landscape design from erosion.

A retaining wall can also serve other purposes. It can also be used for a flower bed or to create the look of a raised garden bed. With several material options available, it’s a good idea to know what look you want to achieve. Our landscaping designers in Calgary will go over options with you, while also factoring in what you want to the retaining wall for.

A well designed and constructed garden wall can enhance the look and functionality of any landscaping project. A garden’s beauty is not only achieved by the flowers and foliage within it, but also the look and feel of the surrounding area. Our design experts at Curb Design take great pride in creating beautiful looking, functional gardens.

Materials & Design Options

Precast retaining walls come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours. At Curb Design our experts specialize in the creation, implementation and installation of precast retaining walls.

Natural retaining walls are a great way to get all the benefits and functionality of a retaining wall without the look of bulky concrete elements. Natural retaining walls can be seamlessly integrated into any landscape design to create flawless natural look while keeping the functionality and stability your project requires.

Poured concrete offers the most strength and stability while staying within the aesthetic vision of your landscaping project. Poured concrete creates a seamless retaining wall and can be constructed with a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Wooden retaining walls offer a look and feel that blends into the surrounding landscape. Completely customizable, wood retaining walls can be stained and coloured to match the aesthetics of any outdoor living space. Many times, wood retaining walls will be built to complement the look of a wood clad house, log cabin, or even the surrounding trees and foliage.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design Ideas

By utilizing our years of experience and knowledge as Calgary’s premiere landscaping company, we can transform your home into a grand masterpiece, one that you’ll look at every day in awe and satisfaction.

Artificial Grass

Lawn Installation

With an artificial grass lawn, you can take out the physical aspect of maintaining your lawn. You’ll no longer have to water or mow your lawn, saving you time and money. All you need to do is have Curb Design install it and you’re done!

Curb Appeal

Landscape Curbing

Curb Design can design and install concrete curb appeal created with high-quality and durable materials that will last. All of our landscape edging products are custom-made using our long-lasting patented technology that is proven to last for years.

Outdoor Kitchens

Dream Outdoor Kitchen

A backyard kitchen is the perfect way to spend time outside with family and friends and make the most of your outdoor living space. An island, custom designed patio and perfectly landscaped lawn complete the space.

Retaining Wall

Design & Construction

We offer several types of retaining wall designs and styles using different materials. Curb Design will customize your retaining wall to fit your property and add to its aesthetics.

Custom Concrete

Patios, Walkways, Flatwork

Adding custom concrete work to your property in the form of flatwork, patios or walkways is an easy way to add appeal to your property. We offer several concrete solutions.

Backyard Kitchen

Backyard Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen can be much more than a patio table and a barbecue grill. With all of the options available today, planning the right design for your home can be a challenge.

Natural Stone

Stone Enhancements

Much like adding stamped or coloured concrete work to your property, natural stone is another way to add curb appeal. Natural stone can be used as focal points, for pathways or as retaining walls.