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Curb Design Calgary is one of the top Landscaping Design companies in Calgary, Alberta area. Curb Design can help you turn your landscaping dreams into a reality. Furthermore, our In-House Landscaping design team can help you create a detailed Landscaping design blueprint of your garden area. Equally important, we also help you identify what you would need to be able to put your landscaping project on the right track. Above all, Curb Design Calgary provides their clients with excellent garden advice.


Our goal is for you to achieve your landscaping vision. With that said, we provide all our customers with a detailed, well thought out landscape design plan. The following are some key points we focus on when we create your landscape design plan.

A detailed landscaping design plan is critical

  • First Off, creating the ideal landscaping design plan does take time and landscaping skill.  A skill we have mastered over the years.  We help our clients incorporate what they want into a practical garden design plan that they can easily read and understand.
  • Second, we encourage all our customers to roughly sketch out what they want and need on their Calgary lot.  As part of our initial Landscaping Design consultation, we can help you determine what is possible and what’s not.  Also, we provide you with detailed landscaping advice to flourish your landscaping ideas.   
  • Finally, Curb Design is always up for a challenge.  No landscape design project is too big or too small.  Ultimately, our well thought out landscaping design plan will help you stay in your pre-set budget.  We respect your time and money.  Therefore, our landscape design plan will ensure Phenomenal landscaping results.

Hand Sketch or Professional Landscape Design Plan

Not all our clients want a Professional Landscaping Design Plan. Therefore, we offer a landscape design plan or a detailed hand sketch. Obviously, both can do the job well. However, we recommend making use of our colored landscaping design plan we offer to all our landscaping clients.

Our Calgary Landscaping Design Services

At Curb Design Inc we start your landscaping journey by meeting you at your home. For us to provide you with an accurate estimate, we would need to view and inspect your potential garden area. Not only do we like to meet and greet our clients but we also like to familiarize ourselves with your Calgary Landscaping property.


We like to take this time to discuss your landscaping options with you. We typically spend two hours gathering all your thoughts and ideas on what type of landscape design you require. During this time, we will discuss the implementation of Decks and Fences, Concrete Curbing, Walkways and Patios, Sod and finally Grass, Plants, and Trees.


Once we have established your landscaping goals of your Calgary property, we can move forward and create a Landscaping Design plan based on your requirements.

Landscape Preparation and Measuring your Landscaping Area.

A Property Report or site Survey of your property is a scale drawing of your Calgary lot and your house. Usually, this Calgary lot report can be obtained from either your builder, developer or for an older lot, from your local records office. With that said, the RRP map of your Calgary lot will not be the scale we will use in designing your Landscape Design. However, transforming the scale is pretty straightforward.


So why do we need this map? Well, most importantly, we can use this map in your landscaping design planning as a design aid to ensure our accuracy. Always ensure that you have a few copies of your RRP. The last thing you want is us sketching on the original copy

Landscaping Ideas, get a few

It is important to make sure that you have a few Landscaping Design Ideas in mind. Don’t settle for only one possible landscaping design. Always make sure that you have a Plan B, C, D and even a Plan E. Most garden design are possible to implement. However, we always encourage our clients to have multiple landscaping design options in place.


Furthermore, take some time to walk around your neighborhood to get some inspirational landscaping design ideas. Plot down some notes of how you would like your landscape area to look like once we have completed the landscaping project. There are endless possibilities. A few critical questions you can ask yourself:

  1. First, does my Calgary property have a slope or gradient?
  2. Second, of my entire landscaping area.  How much do I want Sod, Concreate or deck installed?  Remember you can only have a total of 40% non-green on your Calgary lot.
  3. How many Trees, Plants or Shrubs to I want and where?
  4. Would I need to build or rebuild my fence?
  5. What kind of staining color will work for my landscaping area?


With all that said, it important to keep in mind not to overcrowd your garden or landscaping area. Don’t spend money on Trees, Plants and Shrubs that might not make it when Calgary’s winter time arrives.

Make Your Landscaping Unique

Finally, once you have established a Landscaping design that will fit your Calgary lot, budget, and overall landscaping goals. It is time to look into what kind of Landscaping theme you would prefer. Keep in mind the design and style of your home. It is aesthetically important to match the concrete, garden stone, walkways, driveways and patios with your home design.


With all that said, your landscape area or landscaping design should have your personal touch to it, and we can help you make your landscaping dream a reality.

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