Landscaping & Me: 5 Things You Should Know About Landscaping

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Date: August 15th, 2017
By: Chris Chu

Getting a plan ready for your landscaping project is important for the success of your yard. You don’t want to be left with a plot of dirt in front of your house, or even worse, a yard that looks shoddy and mismatched.


If you’re new to the landscaping game, it can be incredibly overwhelming. The amount of different ideas and concepts behind landscaping is abundant, and picking those that are suitable to you can prove difficult. Wouldn’t life be easier if someone could provide a small list of basic ideas that everyone should know before they embark on their landscaping journey?


That’s what Curb Design is here for. Follow these tips to ensure your landscaping project is done effectively and beautifully.


1. Know your yard


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To have an effective yard that isn’t going to wilt at the first sign of trouble, you need to know your yard. What this means is that you should understand every aspect of the plot of land that you’re working on. What is the climate like where your yard will be? What is the topography of your yard? What is the soil type of your yard that you’ll be using? Figuring all of this out early on will allow you to plan everything more easily. We would recommend looking at the topography of your site and how easily water can drain from your landscape. The best landscape designs will encourage water movement away from your home, not towards.


2. Think about themes


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Once you’ve figured out your yard and all the little details regarding it, you can think more about the theme of your landscape. A specific theme can bring your entire landscape together, but with a theme in place, the materials and plants you use for your landscape becomes easier to choose. Whether it’s as simple as designing a yard through consistent shapes and forms throughout your yard or as complex as creating an in-depth, tranquil garden, your theme can guide you into choosing the plants you’ll use and how you’ll set things up. Don’t dismiss the power of having a theme in mind!


3. Plants are your friends


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During the planning of your landscape, you should consider how to use your plants to the best of their abilities. The functions of plants in a yard can vary depending on the person, but their uses are numerous. You can plant them to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, they can provide a certain aroma to your yard, they can provide a more scenic environment to look at, or even act as a barrier. Regardless of how you use your plants, don’t dismiss their effectiveness. You don’t want to be the one house where your yard is made up of grass and nothing else. Mix in these plant elements to alter your landscape’s condition. Temperature, exposure to light, noise levels, privacy, and wind can all be affected by how your plants are placed, so think long and hard about how you fit everything onto your yard.


4. Make Sure Your Drainage Works


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The last thing you want is your yard to become flooded or for your landscape to be ruined due to lack of drainage. Speak to your neighbors about their yards and where their water drainage heads to. The last thing you want is for their water to drain where you’re planning on directing your water to. Another thing you can do is to build up low areas of your garden using soil so that water doesn’t pool up in one spot. The important thing is to plan for more drainage than less. You want to make sure areas adjacent to patios, driveways, pathways, or retaining walls have sufficient drainage access to preserve the quality and integrity of your yard.


5. Plan out your maintenance


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Make sure you know how you’re going to handle the upkeep of your yard while you’re designing the yard. It’s easier to prevent weeds than to pluck them out of the ground. Are you going to do your yard work and gardening yourself? Are you going to hire someone? What’s the best way to handle the maintenance of your yard with the design you’ve made with your landscaping expert? Are there things you should change to make sure your design is feasible? Are there elements like artificial grass or mulch that could help you make maintenance easier? Think about these things while you’re designing your yard!