Fireplaces and Firepits

Wood Burning

The Classic Fire Pit

Nothing brings the family together better than a well built, functional, wood burning fire pit. Almost everyone has memories of sitting around the fire at night, sharing stories, cooking and enjoying the company of loved ones. These kinds of experiences no longer have to be reserved for camping trips or weekends at the cottage. At Curb Design, we can create almost any shape and style of wood burning fire pit that our Calgary clients can dream up. Don’t let those brisk summer nights push you indoors. Contact us today and see what our landscaping team can do to heat up your outdoor living area.

Natural Gas & Propane

Clean Burning

Give your Calgary outdoor living space that extra dash of luxury with a natural gas or propane burning outdoor fireplace. With a wide variety of styles, materials and colors, Curb Designs can build the perfect custom outdoor fireplace to match the aesthetics and appeal of any backyard. With a clean burning fireplace, you not only add that “wow” factor to your space, but you create a comfortable and luxurious environment that will defiantly be the center focal point of your yard.


Control Your Environment

Want to enjoy your Calgary outdoor living space, even when the conditions outside aren’t ideal? Curb Designs offers a wide range of outdoor space heaters that can help create a warm, comfortable space that the whole family can enjoy. Natural gas, electric and propane outdoor heaters are clean burning, safe and quiet, helping you and your guests stay comfortable and warm without compromising your outdoor experience.

Pizza Ovens

Be Your Own Backyard Chef

Imagine walking out to your Calgary backyard and having the smell of a fresh, homemade pizza in the air surrounding you. At Curb Design, we specialize in the design of custom outdoor pizza ovens that can turn this fantasy into a reality. With a variety of styles, colors and design options, we are able to help our clients create almost any type of outdoor pizza oven they can dream of.  Get in contact with us for a free, no obligation estimate and find out how Curb Design can transform your backyard into a modern family pizzeria!

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