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Decorative Curbing Calgary

Unique Decorative Curbing Calgary

Unique Decorative Concrete Curbing

Curb Design offers Unique and custom decorative curbing within Calgary and surround area.  We provide concrete curb appeal that’s created with high-quality, and durable materials.  With that said, our concrete curbing can withstand Calgary’s extreme winter and summer months.  As a matter of fact, our decorative concrete curbs come with an excellent warranty package to ensure your concrete curbs looks great for years to come.


First Off, Decorative concrete curbing is a unique way to improve your overall property value.  Not only can we help you select a custom curbing color, concrete pattern or overall style but we can also help you design your entire landscaping area.  Make your landscaping area the pinnacle of how a Calgary landscaping garden should look like.  Curb Design specializes in stamped concrete curbing, colored decorative curbing, driveways, walkways and much more.  Decorative curbing is an ideal way to give your landscaping that extra beautiful touch.

Our Decorate Concrete Curbing in more detail:

  • Long-Lasting Durable Materials.  First and foremost, our concrete curbs are made of a high-quality, durable material that will withstand Calgary’s winter months.  Furthermore, our decorative curbing products are custom made with our long-lasting patented technology that is proven to last for years.
  • Increase your Property Value.  Nothing says it more than a great looking landscape design with exceptional curb appeal. Your garden plays a significant role in the overall value of your property.  Concrete curbing allows for a seamless divide between your grass and garden beds.  Cut your lawn maintenance time and effort with concrete curb appeal.
  • Custom made Decorative Curbing.  Curb Design offers a broad range of stamped concrete colors, concrete patterns and edges.  This allows us to provide a flexible and custom product that can be used for pretty much anything.

Our Curb Appeal Edges are:

  • Low Angle Curbing (3″ by 6″)
  • Normal Angle Curbing (4″ by 6″)
  • High Angle Curbing(5″ by 6″)
  • We also offer Low Square Curbing(3″ by 6″)
  • Normal Square Curbing(4″ by 6″)
  • Mowers Edge Curbing(4″ by 6″)
  • We do offer much more on demand
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