Why You Should Consider Installing A Retaining Wall

Custom Calgary Retaining Walls and Stone Walls, Landscaping Calgary - Curb Design Inc
Date: August 21st, 2017
By: Chris Chu

If you thought installing a retaining wall was purely for looks, you’re mistaken! Retaining walls are built for very practical reasons, some of which are incredibly important when you’re trying to maintain your yard.

Retaining walls are usually found on properties that have a steep downhill slope. The reason behind this is that over time, erosion can end up shooting debris down the slope, which could result in some serious damages for houses or other elements that are in the way. This is a common purpose for why retaining walls are installed into homes: to protect a piece of property from gravity and time.

Custom Calgary Retaining Walls and Stone Walls, Landscaping Calgary - Curb Design Inc

There are other reasons for why you should install a retaining wall on your property in Calgary, but the main reason is because erosion and other effects of gravity can eventually affect your house in the future, evne if it isn’t a problem at the current time. Curb Design Inc are Calgary-based experts who can install and maintain retaining walls on your property.

Primary Functions of a Retaining Wall

The primary functions of a retaining wall includes:

  • Extra stability and support to prevent erosion on slopes
  • Create a terraced landscape for more usable space on a slope
  • Water barrier to prevent flooding and water diversion
  • Design purposes for a more ambient yard

Main Types of Retaining Walls

There are two main types of retaining walls that you can install: structural walls and ornamental walls. Structural walls are mainly used as a functional solution to prevent water runoff and erosion. Ornamental walls are used mainly for decorative purposes. They are commonly built from bricks or stone. While these are the main types, Curb Design Inc also offers a wide variety of retaining walls, including: Precast, Natural, Poured Concrete, Wood, etc. To learn more about which wall you should install, contact us for professional advice.

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