Calgary Landscaping Maintenance in a Nutshell

Calgary Lawn Maintenance Services
Date: February 6th, 2017
By: [email protected]

Calgary Landscaping Maintenance in a Nutshell


Tree pruning!!

You can’t say Landscaping Maintenance without thinking of Tree Pruning! I have to admit that I’ve never before thought of tree pruning as an art as much as I have in the past couple months. You think it’s all climb the tree cut out a few suckers and walk away and let the tree do its work. Now after thinking about it and realizing what we actually do, there is a lot more to cleaning and pruning trees than one might think. The first is the shape what this specific tree is supposed to look like? How is its health, starting with the trunk and moving up to the branched? What is dead, what if any decreases may the tree have, and how can we deal with them. What is overgrown? How can we clean up these areas to provide coverage but also allow sunlight and oxygen into the tree? And finally, you must do all this while maintaining the finished shape of the tree. So yes in the past I may have done all this subconsciously without giving the process a thought. But there is an art and tho I may not be an “Artist” I sure know how to trim a tree!


Snow Removal: Quad vs Power Broom


So this year at Curb we decided to try out a quad with a blade for city sidewalks over the more modern/trendy power broom. Now honestly I am not too sure if there a huge difference between the quality of the work both do. However, the Quad is Built for SPEED!! There is nothing like ripping down the blocked wind blowing your hair and the snow blasting off the sidewalk. And don’t worry helmet is on Safety First!. What we have found as a significant difference between the two is some passes required. The quad can do the same work as the Power broom in one pass as well as the ability to scrape up the packed down snow where the Power broom may not be able to brush it away. So conclusion, both do the job. The Quad set up may cost you a little more at the start especially if you buy new ( as we did) the work can be done quicker and more work can be taken on. So you get a better bang for your Buck.


The Old Garbage Truck


Well, it was a sad day for some and a great day for others as people were torn on the importance and ability of a dear friend. Either way, a member of the Curb team has passed away and will be missed. The Old Garbage Truck has been in our family for a short time, and in that time it proved to be the unique and creative landscape maintenance tool I have ever seen. With a 1993 Ford Cab, and a 1980 something first gen Calgary garbage truck for the back. This side loading beauty set a new precedence for the landscaping clean up business and was paving the way for ingenuity in our industry. So it is with a sad heart that I have to share that the old Girl has had a stroke, and combine that with the already threatening leprosy. The price for medical outweighed the necessity. RIP The Old Garbage Truck!




Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn! Here in Calgary, we have a very hard clay-filled soil. And I am sure you have noticed especially if you were here during the flood, that our soil absorbs a small amount of water if any at all. Aeration is the key to getting nutrients and water to the roots of your turf. Spike aeration is mainly used on large places such as farms golf courses and parks, it does open up the ground, but it only creates slits and can compact the ground more.


Core aeration is the more conventional technique and removes plugs from the ground, in doing this, it creates little reservoirs for your lawn. Holding nutrients and water for your grasses roots to grow. A miss conception is that you need to clean up all the plugs. We encourage you to leave them on the lawn, and in about a month time they will have dried and will break up while mowing your lawn. The benefit being a top dress layer with nitrogen rich components. We suggest that you aerate twice a year, once in spring and just before fall. Just make sure your soil is wet before for you do it and all will be Groovy! For more information about our Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance Services please visit our Services Section within our site.