Calgary Home Show

Calgary Home Show | Landscape Design
Date: March 2nd, 2017
By: [email protected]

Calgary Home Show


Calgary Home Show. For those of you who do not know, Curb Design Inc. creates and designs an elaborate booth for the Calgary home show each year. This year is no exception; we have added 15 feet of depth, with also adding new elements and improvements.


The Calgary HomeShow is exciting for us as a staff as we get to showcase our passion and build works of art that everyone can see, not just the homeowner who buys it. This week has already been crazy, and we have only begun to pick up the materials, (a daunting task in its self).


We have managed to scrape some open space in our already crowded workshop, and in the next couple of days will put the hammer to the stone and crank it out.


So without spoiling the Calgary Home Show, you will just have to come down and see what we have created. Come and meet us at The Home and Garden Show from March 2nd-5th!