Calgary Home Show Wrapped Up

Calgary Home Show | Landscape Design
Date: March 21st, 2017
By: [email protected]

This last weekend the Home show was a huge success, we built a dream back yard that drew people in, and made you feel at home. The late nights and early mornings of the week up to the show were well worth it.


Sure we had our issues with hungry people and times of hysteria. Also a surprise issue with the fire dept. ( just had to move our booth back two feet). To see all the faces of people as they walked by, or up to the booth was well worth it.


This year was a huge year for Curb Design, we had a great turn out, and the feedback from the people stopping by was fantastic. We were also fortunate to win a couple of awards at the show something we were not trying to do but very grateful. The first night at the show we were given the award of “Happiest Exhibitors,” and though we are not 100% confident of how we did this, we will take the award and gladly tell everyone that we won it.


The last and best award that we won was the best use of a large space, or “Best Booth”.This was a huge surprise. This all being said we are looking forward to working with the new clients we met this year, And would like to thank everyone for coming by and seeing us at the show.


If you missed the 2017 Calgary Home and Garden show then make sure to join us next year.


Calgary Home Show | Landscape Design
Calgary Home Show | Landscape Design