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Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf Installation

Synthetic grass is made from synthetic fibres that look like natural grass. Traditionally artificial turf was used on sports fields. The main reason for this was with so much foot traffic it could be difficult to maintain and keep it looking beautiful. In Calgary, for example, when SAIT installed its soccer pitch in the mid-2000s, they opted for artificial turf. The space to this day still looks good and is enjoyed by students and staff alike.

The enhancements in the synthetic grass industry has added chiefly to its more prominent use for the housing turf and lawns. By making use of artificial grass, homeowners can enjoy a fit, green, ideally maintained lawn all through the year. Moreover, synthetic grass also needs the smallest protection and maintenance, making it far handier and less expensive to keep than the natural grass.

At Curb Design we have four different types of artificial grass under our Precision Greens product line: Cascade Elite, Park Royal, The Classic, and Spring Pro. All of these artificial grass products have their own characteristics and styles. It really comes down to what’s best for your property and where you want to use it. Artificial grass is ideal for backyard putting greens, dog runs or just for overall landscaping of a property.

A well-manicured lawn is a lovely sight to behold. We all want a perfect green landscape, but this is very difficult to achieve. Grass needs lots of maintenance. It should be mowed, watered, and edged regularly. Also, it needs fertilizing to keep it looking at its best. It can be frustrating to maintain because it requires a lot of gardening skills. Today, an alternative is available in the market - artificial grass. This type of grass is quickly gaining popularity all over the world as a practical and superior solution for landscaping.

Synthetic turf can fill in for the real thing in virtually any situation, whether it is a playground or a back yard, the front lawn of an office park or even an indoor space.

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibres designed to imitate the appearance of natural grass. Imitation grass was first used in sports stadiums, where natural grass often doesn't get all the sunlight it needs and is difficult to maintain.

Many people who are only familiar with the older types of synthetic turf think that all artificial grass is stiff and abrasive. Newer types are much softer and feel more like natural grass. Polyethylene makes this possible. Because more and more people have begun using artificial turf for residential lawns, the application of this new technology is more critical than ever. Homeowners demand high-quality synthetic grass that doesn't feel fake.

Natural grass requires chemicals and toxic fertilizers which is not good for the environment. When you choose synthetic grass instead, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are not causing any type of damage to the environment. Also, you can find fake grass that is made from sustainable and recycled products.

Cascade Elite

Cascade Elite is one of our most popular landscaping artificial grass products currently on the market. It is truly a next generation of synthetic grass. Here’s why:

  • Scientific research. Cascade Elite was created based on years of trial and error. We have ultimately perfected the look, feel, and texture of our artificial grass.
  • WaveBlade Technology. Cascade Elite artificial grass is made up of three distinctive ridges that reflect the daily UV light. It is 10 degrees cooler than other synthetic grass products on the market.
  • No Sheen or Artificial Glare. Thanks to our WaveBlade Technology, sheen and plastic glare is a thing of the past. Cascade Elite artificial grass has no glare or shine. Problems commonly seen with other artificial grasses on the market. Thanks to this futuristic invention our artificial grass is the most realistic to date.
  • Ultra-Soft, Durable, and Realistic. Cascade Elite is made to withstand heavy duty foot traffic. Cascade Elite can be used commercially or in residential applications and is perfect for sports activities, daily family foot traffic, and even downtown outdoor patios.
Cascade Elite artificial grass or synthetic lawn. Showcase or snapshot of this artificial grass

Park Royal

Park Royal artificial grass is one of our premium high-quality fake grass products. Furthermore, Park Royal is one of our most realistic and vibrant products that will enhance your landscaping space. It is also 100% maintenance free and boasts a 10-year warranty.

Why Park Royal Is Ideal:

  • 10-Year Product Warranty. Our Park Royal artificial grass comes with a 10-year manufacturer product warranty and a two-year Workmanship Warranty.
  • Bright Colour and Ultra Realistic. Park Royal is equipped with a two-toned Emerald Green and Field Green colour variation. This makes it a high-quality, ultra defined and realistic artificial grass.
  • Dry Yellow and Forest Green. Apart from the two-toned colours, Park Royal artificial grass also comes with a dull yellow or a forest green touch.
  • U-Shape Fibre Structure. Our U-Shape Fibre Structure provides a durable, artificial grass product that remains ultra-soft and responsive year around.
Park Royal artificial grass with vibrant colors.

The Classic

The Classic artificial grass is one of our most vibrant and eye-catching synthetic grass products on the market. Not only does it look and feel like real, healthy grass but it also makes lawn maintenance a thing of the past. If curb appeal and curb appearance is important to you, then the Classic artificial grass is what you need.


Facts About Classic Artificial Grass

  • Unique 3 Tone Blade Design. The Classic artificial grass is equipped with a 3 tone blade design. The design allows for an incredibly realistic look and feel. Furthermore, the three tone colour allows the Classic artificial grass to look identical to natural grass lawns that have been well taken care of.
  • 1.57 Inch Blade Height. The Classic comes with a 1.57″ blade height that makes is always appear freshly mowed.
  • A Seam That Lasts. The Classic is equipped with more durable seam stretch that allows for phenomenal durability. Making it a popular synthetic grass in Calgary.
  • Polyurethane Coated Backing. Our Classic artificial grass is coated with Polyurethane that is installed beneath or below the synthetic grass.  This coating extends the life span on the Classic artificial grass.
The Classic artificial grass is one of our most vibrant and eye-catching synthetic grass products on the market.

Spring Pro

Our Spring Pro artificial grass comes with a 4 tone blade design, which looks and feels more realistic than any other brand currently on the market. The 4 tone design gives it a slightly imperfect look that adds to the realism of the product.

About Spring Pro Artificial Grass:

  • Durability that lasts a decade. Our Spring Pro artificial grass series comes with a 10-year manufacturer product warranty and a two-year Workmanship Warranty.
  • Imperfect Appearance. The Spring Pro series is designed and created with the “Imperfect” look that allows for a more realistic ultra definition.  Now your artificial lawn can look and feel the same as your neighbours, without the time-consuming lawn maintenance.
  • No Sheen or Artificial Glare. Thanks to our WaveBlade Technology sheen and plastic glare is a thing of the past. Our Spring Pro artificial grass doesn’t have the glare or shine typically seen on other artificial grasses. Thanks to this futuristic invention our artificial grass is the most realistic current to date.
Our Spring Pro artificial grass comes with a 4 tone blade design, which looks and feels more realistic than any other brand currently on the market.
Curb designs artificial grass technology sheet. Showcases technology like U-Shaped, NanoWave, Softblade & Wave Blade.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Looks & Feels Like Real Grass

Maintaining your lawn requires money and time. The constant watering, seeding and trimming for a perfect lawn hardly seem worth it to a lot of individuals. So why bother? Especially when you can have a grass that never grows, always looks perfect and does not need to be watered? These are some of the benefits of artificial grass. With artificial grass, you can enjoy all the advantages of natural grass without the troubles.

Enjoy A Maintenance Free Lawn

Imagine all the money and time you could save if you did not have to water your lawn all the time. You could also conserve water and save you on your utility bills. Artificial grass stays green in all kinds of weather. It will never dry or turn yellow, and will always look beautiful.

Synthetic grass also does not require mowing. Which makes it perfect for homeowners who don’t enjoy mowing. Because it is low maintenance synthetic turf is also helpful for homeowners with limited mobility. You won’t have to pay someone to mow your lawn. Best of all, artificial turf will always be the right length.

Natural Look & Feel

Concern over the look and feel is why many people think synthetic grass is not a good investment. But high-quality artificial turf feels and looks like natural grass. It’s also much more durable than cheaper variations. Most people will not be able to tell the difference between your new synthetic grass lawn and the real thing in the summer.

The lawn provides a place for your kids to play; it is much softer than gravel and concrete. Synthetic grass is just as good for this. Because it looks real, does not need watering, and never grows, it will always be in perfect condition.

Adding a dog run is another option for artificial grass. A dog run gives your pets a place to do their business, without wrecking the grass. One of the benefits is that these synthetic sods are easy to clean. They also never discolour. With an artificial lawn, you can use a pooper scooper to collect any excrement. Wash any remaining residue with a spray bottle or hose.

Artificial Grass Installation

Easy To Install & Maintain

As with anything, if artificial grass is not installed correctly you will have problems. One way to ensure success is by hiring a company experienced in artificial turf installation. This will help ensure that the installation is consistent, professional and of high quality.

Before the installation, carefully choose the artificial grass that best fits your needs and lawn area. Search for a company with an excellent reputation that offers a lengthy warranty for their product. Many companies will guarantee their product for 15-20 years depending on the quality of the materials used. Read testimonials, or ask friends if they recommend anyone.

We Start By Getting The Ground Ready

The first step in installing synthetic grass involves clearing the area down to the soil. Crushed stone aggregate is then spread to allow for proper drainage. It also helps provide a consistent, stable base for the artificial grass. The next step is to place a weed barrier over the stone. The weed barrier will prevent vegetation growth through the rock and into the fake grass turf.

Once those steps are done, the artificial turf is cut to fit the area. When the grass is set and secured, infill such as rubber and sand are spread out over the lawn and spread deep into the turf. This smooths out and fills the surface, giving it a comforting and soft base. Arranging the turf’s blades gives it the look of a professionally manicured lawn, similar to what you would see at a baseball stadium.

Installation Costs

artificial lawn prices

Artificial turf comes with a significant upfront cost — $5 to $20 per square foot, installed. However, once it is down, it is free for the next 15 to 25 years.

Natural sod, on the other hand, costs only 14 to 60 cents per square foot. But that’s where expenditures (and upkeep) begin. You have to water, mow and fertilize to keep it looking lush and green. All of which cost money and take time.

Synthetic grass offers homeowners pristine looking lawns with little maintenance. Synthetic turf brings with it a unique set of qualities. Those qualities allow you to save what you might have spent on maintenance and upkeep of your natural grass. Knowing this, it makes sense that you look into the possibility of making artificial grass a part of your outdoor space.

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We offer several types of retaining wall designs and styles using different materials. Curb Design will customize your retaining wall to fit your property and add to its aesthetics.

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We add custom concrete work to your property. Whether you want concrete flatwork, patios or walkways, they are all an easy way to add appeal to your property. We offer several concrete solutions.

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An outdoor kitchen can be much more than a patio table and a barbecue grill. With all of the options available today, planning the right design for your home can be a challenge.

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Much like adding stamped or coloured concrete work to your property, natural stone is another way to add curb appeal. Natural stone is used as focal points, for pathways or as retaining walls.