Irrigation system sprinkler head

The hot weather of recent weeks may have you wondering how to revive your parched lawn and plants. Sufficient water delivery is essential to help plants and your lawn thrive. Adding an irrigation system will let you deliver water where it is most needed throughout your property.

Start with a yard design plan

A professional landscaping company can work with you to develop an irrigation plan that fits your yard’s landscape. They can advise where to lay irrigation pipe and locate sprinkler nozzles in appropriate areas for best effect. One thing they will look at are permanent structures or existing trees on your property. These that will need a unique configuration of pipelines to deliver water effectively to all areas.

Think about your coverage zone

There are different types of sprinkler heads to adapt to the plant groupings and area configurations on your lot. For example, you might want a taller head for taller plants. But you want the other heads adjusted for your garden or lawn specifically.

Retain a digital or written design plan

It is important to have a record of the irrigation layout. The reason for this is so you can add new trees or shrubs and now impact the existing line. Using the Alberta One call system will pinpoint utility lines, but won’t flag your piping system. Having a good design to reference will prevent damaging the irrigation with any work you do in the future.

Regulating the watering times and days

Water is directed to the different zones via a pipe system that is connected to an electronic water meter. Moisture sensors will shut off the system on rainy days, helping you conserve water. Furthermore, it can be set to run at certain times or changed based on the weather.

Many municipalities have mandated community watering schedules. With metered irrigation systems, it can be set to comply with those days. That way you only water when you need to and can, saving you from a possible ticket. Watering times when your family isn’t using their outdoor living space is also a must. A professional landscaper can set the meter stations up for you and show you how to operate it.

Reduce labour, save money and conserve water

A well thought out irrigation system can save you effort and reduce watering costs. Hauling heavy hoses to various areas of the yard can be hard work and time-consuming. A proper watering cycle will give your greenery everything it needs and give you more free time.

Manual watering often leads to people overwatering plants. Additionally, water is often wasted when it spills onto sidewalks and driveways with a conventional sprinkler head. Chances are your water bills climb in the summer. But with an irrigation system you can control you water usage by only watering as needed, where needed. A well-maintained irrigation system is an eco-friendly water conservation solution that is becoming more important with warming temperatures and climate change.

Working with an irrigation installer will save you time and money

Consulting with a professional landscaper is a good idea if you want to install an irrigation system. They will know what piping and head placement plan will give best coverage. They will also adjust your meter and watering heads to a personalized schedule and teach you to make changes to your system as necessary. Irrigation systems need summer and winter maintenance. They require an air blowout each season to prevent pipes freezing and breaking. Many companies offer this feature for an additional fee.

Whether you are looking to add an irrigation system to your property or need a full-scale landscaping design & landscaping construction solution, Curb Design has you covered. Give us a call today to and find out what we can do for you, your family or your business.