5 Landscaping Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make This Winter

Curb Design 5 Landscaping Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In The Winter
Date: September 30th, 2017
By: Chris Chu

If you have a yard that you care for, chances are that you’re trying to make it look as nice as possible. Of course, this doesn’t always mean that people have time to invest in their yard. Unfortunately, this leads to a landscaping mistake here and there.

Curb Design Winter Landscaping Tips - EvergreensAs the colder season starts to edge in, it can become a strenuous time as you rush to get things prepared for the snow. In preparation of this, here are 5 landscaping mistakes you definitely want to avoid this winter season!

1. Cutting Your Grass Too Short

Sometimes, people assume that the last grass cutting of the season should be cut down to the t. You don’t want to make the mistake of cutting your grass too short. Grass should be a little longer so that they can act as a buffer for weeds. It also actually keeps the moisture in the soil, so make sure when you do cut your grass, you leave it cut at 2 to 3 inches or so! Don’t make one of the most common landscaping mistake in the book.

2. Not Watering Your Plants

We get it! It’s cold. That doesn’t mean you suddenly stop watering your plants! This is a huge landscaping mistake that can cost you severely. If you don’t regularly water your plants during the winter season, your plants could become dehydrated or even get affected by diseases. Make sure you water your lawn, hedges, fruit trees, and shrubs to keep them healthy!

3. Getting Poor Quality Mulch

Don’t skimp out on your mulch! Poor quality mulch can end up infecting your soil and plants with things like fungus and pests. This is especially harmful during the winter seasons. Make sure you pick up some good-quality materials that have the added benefit of boosting your plants’ health, fertility, hydration, and growth.

4. Choosing The Wrong Fertilizer

Another typical landscaping mistake is choosing the wrong fertilizer. Having the wrong fertilizer can make life harder for your plants. Granular fertilizer, for example, can have bad effects on your landscape since it takes longer to dissolve in the colder temperatures. Instead, try using a spray applicator for better results.

5. Not Raking The Yard

Don’t make this landscaping mistake! Raking the yard is a tedious chore, but you have to do this to keep your yard tidy and clutter-free. By neglecting this all-too-important duty, you run the risk of having fungus and mold grow on the leaves that accumulate on the snowy yard, especially once the weather improves. Make sure you do this because even though it’s difficult, it’s important!