5 Helpful Landscaping Ideas For Any Yard

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards
Date: August 11th, 2017
By: Chris Chu

Landscaping ideas are a huge topic of interest and debate for homeowners, and for good reason. There is a lot of ideas and concepts that go through a landscaper’s head, each of which serves a specific purpose, whether it’s for color, texture, functionality, affordability, or easy maintenance.

So what are some things you can use in your own landscaping project to make your yard even easier to maintain? 

Use these tips and ideas to bring your yard to life, without introducing more problems and headaches.


Choose Plants That Are Native To Where You Live

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance YardsWhen you’re choosing plants for your yard, don’t pick something that’s going to have difficulty thriving. Climate, environment, and other factors can influence a plant’s livelihood and health. When you’re choosing plants, make sure that they’re native to your region. If the plants you choose can thrive in your region or specific zone, you can save yourself a lot of money trying to make your plants work to your specific region. You’ll also have a healthier yard that will look and feel better.


Illuminate Walkways and Focus Points

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards - Illuminate Walkways and Focus Points
Providing lighting at night to focus points on your yard or even walkways can have a variety of benefits to you and the maintenance of your yard. First off, illuminating your walkways and the yard at night is a great way of showcasing all that your yard and home has to offer. It’s also a good way of keeping your home safe, especially at night. You wouldn’t want someone tripping on a rock or a step as they’re making their way in and out of your home. It’s also a good way of guiding people through the yard without making them walk all over the yard and lawn.


Artificial Grass Is A Lot Better Than You Might Think

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards - Artificial GrassIf your landscaping project or yard is going to invite children or pets, artificial grass might be a good compromise. Artificial grass has the benefit of being kid-proof or pet-proof. Don’t worry about any extra costs on maintaining an artificial lawn. The beauty of artificial grass is that once you install it, you’re good to go. You don’t need to concern yourself too much with watering it or worrying about the health of your lawn.


Choose the Right Outdoor Barbecue

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards - Barbecue PitIf you want an outdoor cooking space, but you’re worried about maintaining it, choose appliances that are going to last. Installing a built-in barbecue area that is installed with stone elements to decorate it can increase durability and reduce wear. Granite countertops and other factors like this can also help in sustaining a long-term barbecue area that you don’t have to worry about so much. Getting a long-lasting, functional outdoor barbecue that looks good isn’t impossible.


Invest in Mulch Beds

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards - Mulch
Your yard doesn’t have to consist entirely of grass. Mix it up and utilize mulch beds to help diversify the look and feel of your yard. Mulch beds have the added benefit of fertilizing your plants and preventing weeds. Mulch is also very low-maintenance. They only have to be replaced during the spring time, and they don’t need you to water them. It’s inexpensive a great way of adding some new flavor to your yard! (Bonus: they have a pleasant aroma)