3 Potential Landscaping Trends in 2018

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards - Illuminate Walkways and Focus Points
Date: October 23rd, 2017
By: Chris Chu

Landscaping Ideas for Low-Maintenance Yards - Illuminate Walkways and Focus Points

It’s never too late to start preparing for your landscaping project. Whether they’re new vegetation, bolder colors, or different layouts, new trends emerge every year. Here are some of the trends that we anticipate for the year of 2018 (in no specific order).

1. Extensive Outdoor Lighting

Go beyond lighting your footpaths or doorways by focusing on lighting the landscaping around your home. Not only will it put more emphasis on the various elements of your yard at night, it’s a great feature for safety and security as well. LED and solar options are more readily available nowadays, so it should become much more common to see play and recreational areas of the landscaping with lights installed. Outdoor rooms, pools, and planting features might also see a bump in light-exposure. Considering this, it’s a good idea to hop onto the lighting game if your yard is looking a little dark after sundown.

2. Automation Features

Homeowners can start to expect a lot more landscaping features that will be automated. Fire features like wood-burning fireplaces or firepits are great but even better if it can be turned on or off with the tap of a button on your smartphone. Automation also has its uses for things like water fountains, sprinklers, and lights. These elements can all add visual appeal to your landscape, but more importantly, they create a level of functionality to your landscaping area that is tough to ignore.

3. Low-Maintenance, Natural Looking

People are busier than ever nowadays, so one of the upcoming landscaping trends will include landscaping elements that are low-maintenance but natural looking. For example, utilizing potted plants into your landscaping area is an easy low-maintenance solution for your yard. They can add a bit of variety to your yard and they’re mobile, which allows you to alter up the design of your yard whenever you feel like it.